Artisan's Lofts
Johannesburg, South Africa

The Artisans Lofts Penthouse Residence is a luxury residence designed for the rooftop of an existing building in the Maboneng Precinct in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa. The new penthouse consists of 150SM of interior space that includes a portion of the existing top floor of the building. Additionally, the penthouse includes approximately 60SM of exterior rooftop terrace space.

The design concept takes advantage of the 360ยบ views around the city of Johannesburg and juxtaposes split and peripheral visions of the city. The new penthouse is designed as "light" box that gently sits atop the existing building as well as glows at night alluding to Maboneng as the "place of light."

The building is constructed of a steel frame that supports a hovering roof above glass wall enclosures. The penthouse includes: winding entry stair and powder room at the entry one level below the main level; library; open kitchen / dining / and living areas; and master suite with a lounge area separated from the sleeping area by the dressing and bathing spaces.