Hursey Elementary School
Charleston, South Carolina

Events throughout the school day unfold in fluid-like motion that transform the perception of space-time --- its scale, duration, and structure. Children's perception of space simultaneously engage imagination and haptic experience.

Spatial Strategy

----------> Closeness < --- > Vicinity < --- > Convergence

Bending and stretching of space-time through the topological conditions of "closeness," "vicinity," and "convergence." The plasticity of space-time indexes the movement of the body in space and the rituals of the school day.

The existing school is an urban joint in the neighborhood with connections through thresholds on all sides of the site. Neighborhood is a mathematical term relating sets of events to others via the inclusivity of subsets of events. The site strategy is to related different scales of space through the topological concept of vicinity.

Bending and stretching of light as an index of space-time. Time is understood through the ability to measure light empirically and through perception. The bending and stretching of light to render the work as an event whose actual existence is continually being (re)produced and challenged.

Manipulation of surface and space as a measure of movement ins space-time. Horizontal movement through curved space is experienced against the data of surface striations and parallel roof planes.