Hunters Point Shipyard
San Francisco, California

Hunters Point Shipyard is a historic industrial site south of downtown San Francisco. Huff + Gooden Architects is currently working with a consortium of architects, urban planners, and landscape architects to complete the master plan for this 600 acre site.

The redevelopment will include up to 6000 unites of housing; 180,000 S.F. of retail; commercial development; flex-tech; a ferry terminal; recreational areas; and up to 1.2 million S.F. of light industrial. The design proposes of a mix of production studios, art galleries, artist studios, lofts, town houses, and apartaments. The master pan for the redevelopment is based upon providing an infrastructure for arts production to make Hunters Point an urban community of design, arts, and film.

The center for the proposed redevelopment is an urban core surrounding an existing dry-dock that can become a multiuse event space... for festivals, concerts, outdoor film theater, cafes, galleries, and retail.